Lakers offseason rumours: LeBron, Los Angeles target Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, per report

LeBron James and the Lakers go on a big game hunt.

The Los Angeles backfield had serious problems last season, with the Dennis Schroeder acquisition not exactly bearing fruit.

So now, according to reports, LeBron and LA are targeting a few household names to advance the point guard position: Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook are both on their radar.

Per Marc Spears of The Undefeated:

According to sources, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been on the hunt for an experienced point guard and Paul is on the list. There have also been talks about Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook being a potential candidate to move back home to Los Angeles in a sign-and-trade deal that includes free agent point guard Dennis Schroder, forward Kyle Kuzma and guard Languages ​​Horton-Tucker, according to sources.

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Anything to do with Paul would probably rely on Paul foregoing the huge $44 million year remaining off his contract, a conclusion that isn’t necessarily likely. With the Suns moving into Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Paul may be feeling comfortable with Phoenix for another chance.

Of course, that won’t be the easiest path in the Western Conference: Phoenix would have to compete with (potentially) healthy Lakers and Warriors teams to get back to this year’s spot.

If the Lakers choose to focus on Westbrook instead, they’ll have to get creative with a possible trade that will likely include Kyle Kuzma, picks (well, whatever they have left), and a sign-and-trade with Schroeder.

Whether it’s bringing Westbrook back to the West Coast or Paul reaching his destination as a Laker, expect the Los Angeles depth map to look very different next season.

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